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Disney Never Told Us

Bambi Was a Degen

Bambi is a memecoin with 100 Trillion total supply & 95% issued at launch. Stealth launch. No taxes. No presale. Auto-compounding liquidity. LP burnt and contract renounced.

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Purchase Address: 0x9DB0FB0Aebe6A925B7838D16e3993A3976A64AaB

$BAM is a memecoin with 100 Trillion total supply built on ethereum. 95% of all tokens are distributed at launch.

Address: 0x9DB0FB0Aebe6A925B7838D16e3993A3976A64AaB

Burn Address: 0xc60adc96b8960f77455cbb84c5c1167035059a3e363b4f8e034541fb9ebea9a9

Fair Launch

95% of tokens will be distributed on day one, with an equal opportunity for everyone.

Verified Token Address

$BAM is just a meme token. It's fun. It's 100% grassroots. $BAM does not have any central overlords and will become what you make it.

No Presales

No presales – and with a total supply of 100 trillion tokens, $BAM will be a fair token for all.

The True Story Of Bambi

Once upon a time, Bambi was a bright-eyed child star with a future full of promise. He lived a charmed life in the forest, surrounded by friends and family, until one fateful day when everything changed.

Bambi witnessed the brutal murder of his mother, shot down in front of him by a hunter’s bullet. The trauma of that moment was seared into his psyche, leaving him with nightmares and a deep sense of rage.

As he grew older, Bambi found solace in a new kind of family – a gang of misfits and outcasts in the heart of East LA. Thumper, Flower, and the others welcomed him into their fold, teaching him how to survive on the streets.

But survival came at a cost. Bambi began selling drugs to make ends meet, and soon he was using his own product. Meth became his escape from the pain of his past, but it also became his downfall.

Bambi lost everything – his friends, his money, and his dignity. He hit rock bottom, reduced to selling his body to feed his addiction. In a desperate bid for cash, he even dressed as a woman to service the likes of Hugh Grant.

The once proud and noble deer was now a shadow of his former self, broken and lost. Even his physical appearance was marred by a brutal encounter with Mike Tyson, leaving him with missing front teeth and a scarred face.

Bambi’s story had taken a dark turn, and there were sure to be many more twists and turns in his future. But for now, he was just another victim of the unforgiving streets of LA, struggling to survive in a world that had turned its back on him.

However, with the help of a compassionate stranger who saw the potential in him, Bambi found the strength to turn his life around and leave his past behind. Now, $BAM holders have the opportunity to be a part of Bambi’s redemption story and help create a new chapter in his life through the creation of Bambi’s new story.

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Introducing $BAM Token — Once Innocent, Now A Memecoin Badass

Bambi is About Community
$BAM is a decentralized token with a community movement that people can get excited about and share the love! We have the support from various online communities that will help make Bambi grow and shine into the future. It’s the strength of this incredible community that will help rocket Bambi forward.

Transparent Allocation
$BAM is purchased via Uniswap (from ETH to $BAM or USDT to $BAM) — every time the trades are done, the liquidity pool charges small fees that accumulate into the wallet where keys are burnt — which means there will always be funds locked into the Bambi wallet providing liquidity.  In other words, all trading fees create auto-compounding liquidity for Bambi.

The mission with Bambi is for it to grow, survive and develop organically. Everyone has an equal chance to own and help make it grow.

Ready to buy $BAM?

It’s fast and easy – just use the provided link to Uniswap and download an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask. It’s free on the App Store or Google Play. Desktop users can download the MetaMask chrome extension.

Set Up Your Wallet
Set up your Web3 compliant wallet and set it to use the Ethereum chain.

Fund Your Wallet
Make sure your wallet has ETH. You can buy ETH directly on Metamask or transfer it from another wallet or exchange.  You just need a small amount – this will cover the fees for any transfers and allow you to purchase $BAM.

Get Yourself Some $BAM!
Connect your wallet and paste in the $BAM address, select $BAM and confirm. MetaMask will then prompt you for confirmation.  Finally, swap ETH for $BAM. The default Uniswap settings are fine so no need to adjust slippage settings.

Fly $BAM To The Moon

Our mission is to make Bambi the most widely-used meme token. Don’t believe it is possible? Believe it. More than 5 million Ethereum wallets are holding dog meme coins alone.  As a community driven project, we are interested in building and growing Bambi together, and the sky is the limit.

Where do we go from here?

We are going to engage the Bambi community through social media channels, including by encouraging others to start their own Bambi communities.  We support the top mobile apps and web wallets to make it easy to access, and our goal is to expand its use through partnerships with other DeFi projects.

From there, we will continuously expand availability to incentivize holding and increase engagement with the community and our users, and ultimately expand access further by branching out into availability on other exchanges and Blockchain networks.

Ready to get started?

Within minutes — just log into Uniswap, link your Ethereum wallet, and then swap for the $BAM asset and become part of the community taking Bambi to new heights!